The Alberone forest park was conceived and commissioned by Prof. Giuseppe Conrotto both for research and love for the land and eco friendly fruition of the woods.

The idea, pursued over the years, is finalised to the enhancement of spontaneous native flora; medium and large trunk trees, bushes, undergrowth, so the flora that lives and dies within the territory, as a result of a widespread research.
The course is structured in easily walkable tracks along with signs that describe the specimens both from a scientific and historical point of view and some curious facts.
The course is roughly 2500 meters long, along the way there are 3 different architectural buildings structured with beams obtained from local trees, those are named “Stations”
Inside the Stations there are photos and notes that describe the specimens found along the track.
The stations are also resting points and a place to gather informations about the course.
The lower station is built across a body of water crossed by a romantic wooden bridge, inside is possible to eat a packed lunch and use the restrooms.

The realisation of the park is the result of an extensive collaboration between botanical specialised companies, driven by Professor Conrotto along with Mrs Graziella and their sons.
Dr Simone Lonati, Doctor in forest and environmental science, took care of the scientific side of the project, including all the signage along the track and in the stations.



Sqm of surface


Native plant of scientific interest


Meters of track and footpaths


Resting ares with scientific documentation


Bridge over body of water


Sqm for spontaneous nesting of native birds